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This cannot possibly be explained. Can it?


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Hi, I consider myself a fairly rational person but something that happened the other day has really surprised me and left me feeling unhappy.


I met a girl while visiting a friend out of state and we hit it off instantly. She told me all about herself and I mostly listened, but I was impressed by the way she carried herself and the things she said and I told her so. She was different from most girls I had met before. In fact, she was the kind of person I was looking for. Of course she didn't know that everything she said was right on, as far as my preferences go. So after a half hour of hearing all about this girl, I had to leave. I'm not sure why she was so open and she never asked me anything but I volunteered some info to settle the score a little. Well, the next day comes around and I ask my friend to ask her to join us. She "couldn't make it." Then I saw that friend again, she didn't come that time either. She knew I had to leave town, and she didn't even send a word along with her friend like "have a nice trip." Now I'm wondering if we had hit it off as well as I'd thought. Someone wouldn't just take the time and energy, letting you into their personal life if they didn't have an interest in you would they?


Thanks for your advice!

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You were a single serving friend. The friendship started at the beginning of the conversation and ended at the end. She just wanted to tell her story and felt comfortable with you enough to tell it, thats it. You simply assumed wrong about the hitting it off part because she didnt felt that way.

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