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just a coincidence or more?


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Two weeks ago I went to a concert at a bar with my boyfriend, he is friends with one of the bands playing and was working for them that night. When we got there this one bouncer/door guy, that I usually get my ID checked by is who my boyfriend talks to about going in early to meet up with the band. The bouncer is kinda "yeah, yeah whatever, just go" type of attitude. He ALWAYS checks my ID when I get there no matter what, so he gets side tracked by friends of his. He never got to check my ID, someone else did it.

But with my boyfriend out of the way (inside the bar) he was free to look as much as he wanted, and got caught looking down my top once. But he still never said anything to me. Once inside the bar for the show, he normally stands in one area, but after the first band moved and stood where he could see me.


I wonder what he was doing. Was he watching me? Just a coincidence? What do you all think?

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I'm not worried about it, just curious, and I posted it for my friend anyway. She just wonders because she goes to this bar alot. Boyfriend or not, she would like to know if he may be interested or not. (And another friend of mine likes the bouncer).

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