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Flu -- But Not Sure...

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Hey there guys.


Let me start off saying that I do not have health insurance at the moment. It does not kick in till the 1st of September.


Anyways, at the moment, I have the symptoms of nausea that has not stopped since Monday afternoon (no vomiting as of yet), loose stool, REALLY dry cough, fever and sweats at night. I stayed home from work on Tuesday and Weds and started feeling better when I came into the office yesterday. Last night was terrible again and I barely got any rest.


Now, I had my Thyroid taken out back in late April of this year, and I am not sure if there is a connection or not. (Doubt it, but it is worth asking)


This just does not feel like the flu to me. I figure if it was the stomach flu, I would be vomiting and all that good stuff (denote the sarcasm).


Sorry if this is not the right place for this post, but thought I would give it a try.


Thanks guys.

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Hi! Sorry you're feeling so bad. Couple of suggestions: a free clinic? I used one when I had no insurance and they will get you right in if your incrediblely sick. Also, go to a hospital ER. You can make payments and still get treated. Also, call a couple of local hospitals first and see who offers assistance for the medically indigent. I did this too. At one local hospital, they took care of the entire bill, even lab work and xrays, but at the other local hospital they are not as "nice". lol


Any of this an option??

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you probably have that stomach bug that is going around. i know a lot of people that got it including me. it was horrible for a day or two.


Well, I am on day 4. Got the start of it Monday and it is now Friday.


Eating some soup atm and I suddenly have a bit of energy.


I am starting to think that the infection is being fought well, but that I just do not have the nutrients to add in the battle.


We shall see

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