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Feeling down but dont' know why


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Had a really weird night tonight.

To fully explain it, I am the kind of person who likes to keep to myself, in that I am a pretty low key kind of a person. So we had this class dinner with seniors, and I got a bit drunk beforehand because my friend who drove me there had bottles of wine in the car.


So we were having a good time at the dinner, and then I sat down to talk to one of my classmates. And one of the seniors who I knew really well came and sat next to me and started talking to me. He started to introduce me to all the other seniors and before I knew it I was having a good chat.


I mean, I'm in a class and I normally isn't the coolest person around. I am more of an individual and do my own things. So all the cool people (who wanted to get to know the seniors) were staring at me and were like, "WTH". It just didn't feel right and knowing the social hierarchy I knew it felt like the senior made a rather bad move to single me out like that.


It just felt really strange because I was a little tipsy and I felt like I flaunted my good relationship with a senior out in the open and now everyone knows. I mean, I would prefer he acknowledged me with a nod or something - it just didn't feel right and I came home with a bad taste in my mouth. Like I'm half naked walking on the street. Given that I am already an enigma in class because I do what I do but I try to aim high, I don't feel like people really know what to think about me. I feel like they are asking, "who is he?" and I'm feeling alienated.


Am I too sensitive? Or did I break some unspoken rules of socialisation? It just felt really strange.

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lol, being drunk puts the brakes off your brain and thereforee makes you become more sociable. What the hell do you care about ranks, just have a fine time talking to your seniors , you decide your own life instead of letting others decide it for you.(unless you ask for their advice).


Honestly its normal when you are drunk, dont worry about it. Its a good initiative to become more sociable as there's nothing good about being a hermit.

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