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I'm 16, she's 23


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This is quite an age gap, here. I think that you should first establish what her feelings toward dating younger men are. Ask her straight out and smile. It will flatter her and at the same time, you aer not putting yourself in an awkward position. It really is hard to tell if she would be interested. Many women like to be with men older than them or the same age. There is too much of a maturity gap for the woman to feel secure and well-taken care of. But shoot a few flattery comments to her and see how she reacts. try not to be terribly dissappointed if she says that she would like to be with men who are older. You can still date older women...start off with someone who is 18 and see how that works out...if its good, move on from there. Good luck.

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I am with mermayd here. The age gap between you and the girl you like is very big. My concern is even a little stronger. I would be very careful in making a move towards her.


It is a fact that women in general mature so much faster than men do. That is why most women seek a relationship with a man that is either older or pretty much the same age as they are. Some might date/marry a guy that is a little younger, but then the age gap isn't usually as big as your age gap with this young woman.


Of course you can always bring it up to her, as mermayd suggested, but I would be ready for her not being interested being in a relationship with you. I am sorry this might disappoint you, but I rather choose honesty over misleading you and telling you that everything will be fine.


I hope I was of help with you and wish you good luck.


~ SwingFox ~

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Heh, You dont know her though.


I just forgot to mention that this woman is my physics teacher



I fixed her computer for her as i was on work experience at school doing admin jobs around the school etc. And she came in and asked the main guy if he could fix her computer for her. So, naturally i offered to do it. So, i go over, theres nothing physically wrong with the computer, just didnt have the monitor plugged in.


Then, once i'd got it working properly, she asked me if there were any games that would work on it, so i went on the internet and downloaded worms 2 and a few sega megadrive games.


Later on that day, after lunch, she told me that i was very welcome to come over and play on her computer any time i liked. Now, why would i want to go all the way over to her room and play on her not so good computer, when we have an xbox linked up to a 2m projection screen?


I dunno if thats a hint or what.... Any ideas? As to the asking about the age thing, i'll leave a message on her computer about it


But seriously, this woman acts as if she was 15 still.. She dresses like a teenager, talks like a teenager.. She's just really amazing, and i feel soo amazing whenever i talk to her i just want to make somthing of it if you know what i mean





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Again, I know you probably do not want to hear this, but I think that she was just being kind in her offer to let you play on the computer. I don't think she meant to send you any signals of interst. I know this may be disappointing, but as swingfox would say, "honesty prevails". There are too many problems involved, especially since she is your teacher...

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