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Posing for life drawing


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Finally talked to her. She was ok with my posing in a jockstrap - she was like, whatever youre comfortable with. She said she would do three short takes, like 5 minutes, then one long sketch for 45 minutes. No parental involvement.


That is almost more vile than nude.


Seriously, the women is bent.

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Good Lord...will a moderator close this post-please? It is clear that the ethical questions are huge-we have had so many sexist double-standards going on and on...the advice has been given and now it's just a back and forth insulting bit of "it's ok for a minor boy but it wouldn't be for a minor girl"...once again, Good Lord. This is not what we should be determining on here, in my opinion. Facts are facts. In most States this would be illegal. So why are we discussing it?

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And I am a parent of two teenage boys. I have raised them since they were 6 and 3 years old. And if my "best friend" asked either of them to pose nude for a sketch, or drawing, or painting...I would say..."NO" And then I would ask that person what they had been smoking.


Bottom line is this. As a parent, I can tell you that if a hot older woman was coming on to my son(s) in any way, I would still feel a need to protect them. They are 17 and 13. And while maybe it would cause no long-term damage, it would still be confusing as Hell, and would distract them from what they need to be focused on-which are, in no particular order...school, work, girls (their own age). And, of course the most important...the future...college...career...etc.


So, as a father, I can't stand this post. It's real easy to sit back and say "go for it with the older woman"...


But it's real hard to say that from a father's perspective, it will do no harm.


Actually, that would be impossible.

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There was a big controvery here in Oz about 3 months ago. An artistic couple (he is quite a well known photographer in Oz) published artistic photos of their 9 year old daughter naked. The photos were also on display at a gallery. The government closed it down which then raised a huge outcry about censorship.


It was hot dinner party topic at the time. I remember one dinner party I was at where it was raised. Some people were vehemently against it, about half said it's OK under the guise of art. I was on the fence. I can see the side of the parent and I can see the side of the artist.


Unfortunately, the artist's audience may not be so pure of motive. And THAT to me is the problem.

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i just don't see how it can be legal for ANY artist or otherwise to have a muse that is not of legal age if said person will be put in what could be a compromising position, as this most certainly is.


If the subject were an adult, go for it. But the subject for this drawing is not.


To allow this legally you will find many people doing illegal things and crying "art" as their legal outlet.


I think the couple who published their nine year old daughter naked should be behind bars if the picture were the even the slightest bit questionable.

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Yeah, well, I understand completely the arguments over artistic merit and pornography. And I happen to almost always veer towards the artistic merit side.


But that was the couple's own daughter. In your example.


This post has gone on to argue whether or not it would be ok for a boy to pose nude for an older person, but maybe for a girl it would be a bad idea...seems that is an issue that there can be no resolution...unless you are willing to jump into a really unfair argument?


And no offense meant at all, but this is not the land of Oz. I truly mean no disrespect. But there are laws against this in many, if not most States...I only say this because this OP is in the States...

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but this is not the land of Oz.


The same laws apply here. And you can buy the magazine (Art Monthly Australia) that their daughter's picture was on the cover of in the US. The laws on this are not so clear cut as you might think.


Four months ago Henson was embroiled in a national furore after an invitation to his show at Sydney's Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery featuring a 13-year-old girl naked from the waist up was posted online and resulted in police seizing 20 photos from the gallery.

Of the six Henson works to be auctioned by Lawson-Menzies this month, Untitled 1985/86 features a pubescent girl lying naked and supine on crumpled sheets, her legs apart. It is estimated to sell for between $4000 to $6000. Another, Untitled 1992/93, estimated at $8000 to $10,000, focuses on two naked adolescent girls standing near a car wreck and looking presumptuously at the viewer.

The works are typical of Henson's oeuvre, which has long documented the sexually precarious moment between adolescence and adulthood.

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Gotcha. Sorry. Maybe I am confused or wrong about the legality of the issue in question. If it is a legal thing than I am wrong and there is no issue-I was only commenting that I wonder about the ethics of counselling a minor to participate in an illegal act. Again, if I am wrong, I apologize.

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auburn you should rethink your ideas of censorship. Not liking the advice given is not cause for the topic to be closed. Although I do not believe it should be legal for an adult to have sex with one gender and not the other because it sets bad and arbitrary precedent, different experiences do exist that seem to be gender related.


If the woman is single and willing to take the risk then she knows if she gets caught she will be held accountable. The onus is on her.


However, I can think of no risk that is not pretty unlikely to this kid that would be unique from other girls his age and probably has many benefits in sexual confidence. Can you think of any? he could get a young girl pregnant just as easily as he could an older woman. He is also almost eighteen. I once tried to hook a seventeen year old up with a 26 yr old and probably would have been willing to had he been sixteen. The kid was already very sexually experienced and I advocate safe sex if they are going to do it anyway, not abstinence at that age.

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I will be perfectly honest. I don't have a problem with this whole thing. I would have done it myself at 17. And I probably would have slept with the older woman and it would have been a great experience.


But that's me.


I am not into censorship at all. My only concerns are that I don't know this kid personally, so I don't know the real dynamics involved. But I do know these things...There is an issue of possibly breaking the law, some serious family issues involved, and for those two reasons, and the fact that i don't know this person, I cannot ethically give this kid advice which could possibly result in a world of do-do...


And the other issue regarding the gender double-standards....I just hate them. Personal bias, I admit it. It just bothers me when you say it's ok for a guy but probably not for a girl. I'm the same way with racial issues. I am just completely for gender and racial equality, and double-standards just anger me a bit...so that's why I jumped on the old soap-box initially.

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This may be a dead issue by now and you may already be 18 Brian. I thought there was a simple answer to this. First of all, I don't believe everything has to do with sex. There has been truly beautiful artwork of young nudes for centuries. Only recently has everyone been worried that the slightest appreciation for the under 18 body means pedophilia. Granted we must be cautious for our children's safety but it's come to a point where I don't dare wave to the kids in the neighborhood anymore. Okay, I don't know this woman but if she's a family friend I would hope her intentions would be artistic and not sexual. I would first tell her you would pose if your parents approved. If her motives were of a sexual nature, she'll immediately say "let's skip it". If she's being honest she'll say fine. You ask your parents. If they agree then all should be good. Maybe one of your parents will want to be there (hopefully that won't deter you). You could end up with a picture of yourself that you truly treasure later in life.

My father was a photographer and had an appreciation (not perversion) for nudes. Mostly he did family type portraits but as kids we were photographed innocently nude. He never showed the pictures to anyone other than us and when we were old enough he gave them to us and told us we could keep them or throw them away. I'm fascinated to have mine now.

If you feel a sexual ting about doing it, you might try relieving yourself of that beforehand or if you don't worry about it she probably won't either. (I'm suggesting the issue of getting an erection while posing but am trying to avoid any lewd suggestion here).

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First, I don't think you would look like an infant if you discussed this with your parents. I would certainly want my child to discuss it with me. Second, you sound so very uncomfortable with this that maybe you just want to say no and need some moral support. Finally, if you decide you might want to do it ask her to go with you to discuss it with your family. If she says no, then she does not have your best interests at heart.

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Yes, she surely knows of the legal shakiness about this.

Yes her intentions probably involve more than just art.


I don't want to advocate any kind of kiddy creepiness here, but to be honest, I would have been flattered and thrilled if ANY woman wanted to see me naked when I was 16/17, especially one that I was already rather fond of.


I actually had some solo-fun with a Polaroid once when I was 17, and my aunt + mom ended up finding the pics when I was 25 or so. That was horribly embarrassing, and somehow I've been lucky enough for it to not get brought up at Christmas in year since. But, point is, a little 17yo nudity isn't the end of the world, and I'm 100% sure the OP wouldn't be "harmed" by the experience (should be fun, actually).


I probably would have tried to see if we could make it happen ..discreetly, of course. I can't say whether it would be a good or bad idea (and it would probably come back to haunt me someday), but at that stage in MY life, I don't know if I would have been able to turn out an opportunity like that.


So ..any updates on this or what?

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Do not go through with this. She can get into some deep doodoo for something like that. You should tell your parents. I'm pretty sure they wont' be too happy that she asked you to do that, but they will be happy that you went to them. Her intentions may not be bad, but you never know. It things like this that leads to child and underaged pornography; as well as, all these pedophiles in this world.

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