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Breakthrough today!

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Just sharing here, but I've really needed to start challenging my pace for running as I get ready for a marathon this October.


Was really nervous today before a workout, because I typically run in the 8:40 to 8:50 pace for tempo runs, and needed to cut time off that towards 8:00 or less mile pace for 5-10 mile tempo runs.


And...I totally cruised today at an 8:00 pace. I think I can probably do that for the next few weeks, then start going down to 7:50 - 7:40.


I just was overjoyed to find out I had it in me.


Are there any other runners out there?

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Yup, did a marathon a few years ago, and I'm not really the runner type. But I need goals in order to keep motivated. That and the time I was swimming a lot were the years I was in the best shape of my life. I've recently started swimming again. And will probably add running into the mix.


That's a pretty good pace you've got going there. You'll probably run faster at the beginning of the marathon because you've got adrenaline going, but try your best to slow yourself down. It's a LONG race.

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I run quite a bit and really want to do the london marathon one day. I'm not the best runner you'd ever meet, but I just like setting myself goals and trying to reach them. I'm not sure how well the london marathon is known outside of the UK, but it's pretty big over here. I'd have to train hard!

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I'm not that great a runner either, but I'm improving all the time. I think the pinnacle for me will be the Boston. I'd like to make a goal of qualifying for it within a year or two.


For this October marathon, I'll be happy with finishing around or less than 4:00. My distance pace right now is about 9:00 miles.


Some of the times these runners turn in are absolutely amazing though. Lot's of natural talent, hard work and determination. Goals for all of us.

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