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Confused, help please!


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i met this guy online. we've exchanged emails and texts and photos. he's accross the country but plans on returning to the state i live in soon. Initially, he said when he got back home, if i were in the area, i should visit him and hang out and he said he'd try to visit me. whatever the case, he says he wants a good friendship and didn't want to lead me on but that one thing that is always on his mind is sex. Which, kind of left me confused because he said that all in one sentence. As part of being friendly, and being attracted to him, I guess I was flirting and said I'd help him get what he wanted if i were there and he said he'd take really good care of me if i were there with him. So then things took on this new physical level (however possible, when not in person...). Now I feel weird because I'm not about to just dish it out for someone who doesn't care about me..i have too much respect for myself to do that and don't want to end up feeling like a stripped car. I'm just confused by the mixed signals because, to me, "good friendship" means the person doesn't want to go farther than that but in this case he does, physically, anyhow. So what exactly does that mean? I know I probably set myself up for this mess by flirting in the first place but i'm just confused and could use any advice on what to do/say. Part of me thinks that contacting him again is just disrespecting myself and allowing myself to be used, while part of me wants the attention. Any insight? Thanks!

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He asked for friends with benefits, and you agreed.


If you don't want that, then don't contact him. He was upfront with you and told you exactly how it was going to be-- it might be tempting to think "well maybe if he meets me he'll change his mind." Not likely to happen, sorry.

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