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Hey enotalone members i got a problem ive become best friends with my exgirlfriend and i love being her friend but its driving me crazy! Shes got a boyfriend that she likes a lot now and i cant stand to see them hold hands and kiss and stuff. Weve been broke up for almost 2 years now and wee stayed friends via the internet and phone. But we have been hanging out almost everyday for over a month now and shes been with him about 5 times within this month and now when were all hanging out together at his house there holding hands and kissing and i told her i hate it but i dont think she understands alls she sees me as now is her best friend and i feel like a knife is cutting my insides out and its starting to really get to me i dont know what to do i still love her so much and i like being her best friend but i cant handle her being with another guy. I really want her to be with me but she likes him and wont give me a chance again im going crazy.


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Hey Swingfox thanks for the advice but i dont know what to really do because she is always telling me that she loves me and she always like flirty towards me sometimes and stuff like that and i think if i stopped hanging around her she would get really mad at me and things like that. Another thing that sucks is that shes always telling me how she cant wait to see him and that shes been feeling really shitty these last couple of days which we were together with each other actually and that she cant wait till she gets there so he can hold her and make her feel better and things like that. I dont understand after all we have been through how it can be like this.

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hey crazyworld,

im going through i simular thing myself.... my b/f broke up with me .. but every time we see each other we end up holding hands and kissing ... but on the other hand neither of us have attachments ... but ... im in love with this guy ... so im just going to stop seeing him ... cause i know im just going to get more hurt... i know this might sound a little harsh ... but leave her to it .. she's obviously playing you ... she wants both of you .. and im sure thats not going to happen .... the more you hang with her and see her whilst you still have feelings for her .. the stronger the feelings are going to get .. trust me ... i know ... just tell her .. u think it would be best if you spent some time apart.... an see her again when your over her .... properly !!!!.... trust me in my oppinion its the best thing you can do !


Hope this is of some help


Good luck and take care


MrsMalakian x x x

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crazyworld, sounds like you stayed friends with this girl because you had hopes of getting back together. I know this because I am going through this right now. My girlfriend split with me about 2 months ago, and we recently started talking and hanging out daily but we're not together and it's not affectionate. It is maybe at best a little more than a friendship because we were together for 6 yrs.


Here's where I control the situatio though. I told her I can't just be her friend because I care for her and want to be with her. I told her that if she needed to move on or did, she could kiss me goodbye because to me it's never going to be o.k. for her to talk to another guy. I have every right to feel that way.


The mistake you made is staying around once she had someone new. I could never hang out with or talk to an ex if she was with someone else. If you keep haning around, it could be emotional torture.

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Hey Crazyworld,


I really agreed with eibarra had to say because I am going through kind the same thing that you guys are going through. I was talking to this girl for the last five months it was great and that I liked her alot. But last Monday out of the blue, she told me that she doesn't know that she wants to be with me anymore because she thinking about going back to her ex. I was so shocked and depressed because she said all these things to me and I thought she meant but I guess not. She told me that she likes and cares alot about me. But I guess that is all BS. Rumor is that she is moving back with her ex. She never had guts to come out and tell me that she is going back to her ex. She just stop calling since last Tuesday. I am going to forget her and move on with life because I am not going to be anyone's backup and neither should you. I think that she just wants to keep you around just in case this guy did turn good. I know is difficult to let go because you guys had some history together. I really think that is best thing for you to do and just let it go. Maybe this will make her think about things. If she really misses and love you then she will not let you go and will want something back with you. But only will she do that if she really thinks that you are moving on with your life without her. Goodluck, let us know how did go?



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It's not so much letting her go just yet, but I would have a talk with her and tell her that you have feelings for her and want to be with her. Tell her you respect that she's with someone else but cannot simply be just her friend. Tell her you don't want to be around her and her b/f and would appreciate it if she didn't talk about him to you. You have every right.


It will then be her choice of whether she can be your friend on those terms or not. You should have done this a little while ago to save yourself some pain but it's never too late to stop hurting.

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