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Sex in the bath?!!?


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Lol yeah the candles will be there

Just to start the weekend offas we are camping together in wales...how romantic lol.And just want a couple of special days.


I know we will just end up on the bathroom floor, soaking wet, sliding along the wooden floor. lol.

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How can you tell me that then tell me to have a good time lol.

I will just have to go with the flow i suppose.


Trust me, it's possible! I've done it a few times. The lube is handy though... water is not a lubricant and washes away your natural lubricant. That's all!

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I think they make/made something to add to the water to reduce the friction. Our jacuzzi got a workout many times before our son was born. And in the Spring, all the champagne corks were strewn beneath the bathroom window! LOL!

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I really don't like it... for me the water makes me dry. Plus you're all squeezed.

Maybe if I had a really large jacuzzi bath or something.


I guess keep an open mind and be prepared to go elsewhere is my biggest tip.


that has been my exp in the past too.

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