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Boyfriend - dreams - ????


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Hi, my bf and i have been togetgher for over 2 years and live together. We are very close and tell eachother basically everything.


My bf told me he had a dream last night. What happened is in the dream me and him were fighting and he met another girl he than kind of fell for her and met her family and they were really nicehe said, then he had to choose between me and this new girl. He said I was really upset in the dream and he was really upset too and was crying because i was so upset. He than woke up from the dream and doesnt know what the end result was. He said he didnt really remember the face of this girl and doesnt know who she is at all.


But he said that this has happened to him in real life (with him and his ex). He said that this dream has made him now think about how upset his ex must have been back than when he had been seeing this other girl. And he said now he feels bad for what he put her through.


What does this mean for me? He has told me he oesnt love her anymore and and doesnt believe he truly loved her like he loves me. But still I dont want him to feel guilty ..

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