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I am finally ready to get out there and live again!

winter whiteout

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Hello everyone. I am ready to break free and live again since my now ex husband left me over 2.5 years ago for someone else and he married her a few months ago. I have gone through therapy and many doubts, fears and bouts of depression. I came up with this idea with what I should start doing this Fall.


I love hockey and so does my best friend. She actually has not dated anyone in 15 years and she is ready to start dating again. What I came up with is her and I should go to sports bars in my area when our favorite local hockey team is playing. I am sure those places are crawling with men! But we really would be there to watch the hockey game. If there was a breakaway, penalty shot, or if the game was tied and it is in overtime I would be glued to the TV. Do any of you out there think this could be a great way to go out and have some fun but then maybe meet some men? We are both in our 40's and it is really scary to get out there again but I am not going to spend this winter in my house alone. The team we will be watching is a NHL team that is 1.5 hours away and it is too expensive to go to the games and pay money for the tickets.


I would really like your thoughts and suggestions. I just wonder what a big group of men would think of two woman saying things like "we want a ref", "that was a scoreboard call" etc...


Thank you all for taking the time to read this!

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