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Not so much confidence


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I'm a pretty good looking guy and I have a confident personality. So I tend to attract a lot of good looking girls. I can flirt and talk better than most, but when its the end of the night thats when I get shy.


I think there are 2 things. I have a barely average sized penis, but when I'm with a hot chick I begin to think they've been with guys with huge * * * * s. Also, I haven't had sex in a while and I haven't done it so many times. From my appearance and my personality most girls think I'm a "stud" and get laid all the time, but I always get worried I'm going to disappoint and not satisfy.


I tried not to think so hard about this, but its always in the back of my mind. With the girls I meet at the bars (that are giving me clear hints they want sex) I don't invite to my apartment cause I'm so paranoid. Its gotten bad that it always effects my relationships. I still like to flirt and talk to girls, but when i think about dating I always think it not going to work cause i'm going to suck in bed, so why bother.


What should I do?

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Motion of the ocean, man.


I've been with 2 guys with small peens.


One guy was great--he knew exactly what he was doing and it was good sex.


Other guy, not so great. He sort of moved his upper body but nothing else. (it was as awkward as it sounds!)


I personally don't like huge peens. They hurt. Don't fret so much. it's just society telling you that you shoudl have a biggun b/c of porn and all that jazz. Don't sweat it.

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I agree. Don't sleep with them right away. Let the relationship develop without sex. Your looks are obviously good enough that quite a few girls are going to want it from you and will be willing to wait. You have a role reversal going on. Use it!


Only do what you are comfortable with. They will likely only appreciate you more if you take things slowly.


If you are interested in casual sex none the less, I'd consider controlling how far things go in a night. You don't have to have intercourse to please a woman. One thing I have noticed about super hot women is that when you get to know them, the shyness tends to dissipate and you see a lot more facets of their personality and being.

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Stop worrying about all this - you don't want one-night stands, anyway, from what I'm hearing you say...

Why are you even going to bars...

Find a good, decent woman TO MARRY and then, when you find her and get to know her, and she knows you and starts to care for you....the sex will be good and right...because she will love you, the whole package.

It's really about love and respect...stop putting yourself in situations where you feel you may be overly judged on the size of your pee-pee.

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Not that this is important or anything, but it sounds like I'm in the same "attractiveness" range as you...and I am a college female. If you think that "hot chicks" like them larger, then think again. Honestly, I'm not so into it.


The second thing is, if you get to be in a relationship, don't have sex for a month until you know you are in a committed relationship. Make love with your brains before you make love with your body. Then, when the time comes, just be honest with her. I bet she won't care, especially since you have a month's worth of "brain connection".

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