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Please explain to me what happened here . . .


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So this past Monday the guy I went on two dates with called me and asked if I wanted to hang out this past weekend (we've been trying to get together again but one of us always have something going on). The plan was for me to drive down to his place on Friday night so that we will go out. He told me that he'd try to give me a call either on Wed. or Thurs. just to confirm our plans on Friday.


Well, Wed. and Thurs. went by and I didn't get any calls from him. I didn't want to just drive down and show up at his place without the confirmation so on Friday afternoon I sent him a text asking him if we are still hanging out that day -- and no response.


So I'm confused, what happened?? Did he just flake out on me?? If he end up making other plans why didn't he just let me know? I was just really annoyed about that, I hate flaky guys!!!

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I admit, I'm starting to do that too with the few men I've met so far. After rescheduling to meet a few times, I just lose interest. And I don't care to call and say it to their face because it's just easier that way. I simply move on to someone else who's willing to meet me without having to ask for rainchecks all the time.

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