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Is she thinkming about me?

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My girlfriend, ex, I don't know -whatever wanted a break for two weeks, and I wonder, is she thinking about me? I haven't talkedto her in two days now, and her best friends are both single, -I feel like she has it easy her best friend are single and they can hang out, look for guys whatever, where my friends are all married, etc


Is she missing me, does it bother her that she has not heard from me?


I hate thinking, and thinking, wondering


I want her to miss me so bad, and think, maybe he is going out on a date?


I just dont know

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Well man no one knows what she is thinking. Is she thinking about you, probably of course she is. Now whether it is wow I miss him or pop the bottle I'm free, well that is only her that knows. I'm sorry to say this man but it does happen. Just want you to know to be prepared for anything and everything. Wow I hate when people say lets take a break, it really does drag you along for the ride.


Ah sorry let me add to this. I guess the way I said it sounds bad. What I am trying to say is you should see this break as an opportunity to have fun. Go out having good times with friends, start to try to live YOUR life again. That way when you hear back from her whatever her decision is you will at least appear to be fine with it. GL =).

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Hey Monty


Sorry you are feeling down mate. Take it a day at a time - you WILL get there. The feelings you are having are perfectly natural so don't worry that that is anything wrong with you.


The point is that it really doesn't matter what she is doing because there is nothing you can do about it anyway.


Take care bud - keep walking forward - ok?



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It would take someone really cold to get out of a loving relationship and just jump into dating, partying, etc. If she's that type of person, would you really want to be with her? I've had friends who got out of relationships and jump into the bar scene but they're just doing it to cover up the hurt. I'm sure she's thinking of you. But you can't beat yourself up wondering what she's doing 24/7. It's not easy but try to maintain NC, hangout with your friends, meet some new friends (single - guys and girls) and try to start over.

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