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Why is it a reality, why can't it be a nightmare?


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Back at New Year, I split up with my girlfriend because she had really pissed me off. That night, she was fingered by a guy I really hate. Next, she kissed another guy I hate and I really fear that they were close to having sex. Next, she was invited to a friends house, where he took advantage of her, getting her to toss him off and he fingered her. Next, she slept with another guy and I just try to make it out to myself she was raped. Next up, she got drunk and stoned with some more of her 'friends' tossed them BOTH off and nearly had sex with one of them.

Since then, I have tried to forgive her and I only have on the surface. We got back together in April and during the time we were apart, the furthest I went with anybody was feeling her boobs. Ever since I have been bitter and I don't think I can honestly forgive her. I love her very much, we live together with her dad and two brothers and we are engaged. Her brothers are very annoying but if I left here I wouldn't have anywhere to live. I know it sounds harsh, but its true. I have also met somebody who I really like and we have a lot in common, whereas me and my fiance don't have a lot in common. Another major thing is she may also be pregnant and I wouldn't want to be a weekend dad. I love her, but I can't stand the fact that she did all this when we were apart. It hurts so much and I can't stand this all anymore. I've promised I'd nevre cheat or leave her but this is the hardest situation I have ever been in. When we were broke up we were still having sex even when I was with another girl. I find it hard to resist her but I just can't deal with this anymore. Please, somebody help me. This tears me apart day in day out. She is so paranoid about me that no matter what I do she allways thinks I'll leave her and hates it when I go out with friends. What do I do? ](*,)

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i think you need to move on. i dont think that this girl is going to change her ways at all and you cant be involved with her because it tears you up too much. she doesnt seem to have her priorities straight. she cant have her cake and eat it too.


cut her out completely, and find someone new.

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It's too hard for you to be in this situation. You should make plans to move out of there and be away from her. Then, you can think better.


I think for now, you two don't seem to be able to work things out, and it's hurting you a lot to be in this situation.


Why don't you separate and go on NC for awhile.

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