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Has anyone bought the ebook "2nd chance, how to win back the love of your ex?


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DON't buy it, it tells you to get flowers and logically explain why it should work, AND THAT DOESNT WORK. The eBook preys on desperate people who will do anything to get their loves back, and provides no answers, and will in fact steer you in the wrong direction.


You want the answer?

NO CONTACT and focusing on yourself. I had my heart CRUSHED by a girl and both of these made me get over it quicker and made her want me back(or so her friends tell me haha)


IM any of us if u want, and we are here to support each other 4 real. Good luck

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I agree with Mayday and Comeback_kid...the two biggest helps in my getting through a divorce (with a child involved) and my most recent "break" in my current relationship have been seeing my therapist and this board.


I bought a couple of books right after my divorce, same type of deals of how to get them back, how to survive, etc. The best advice actually came from a self-help book..."You can't control what other people do. What you control is yourself, your actions and who you give your heart to." I try to apply this everyday.


My current girlfriend and I have been on a break for about two weeks...we've spoken only once (her contact) and I'm giving her the space she wants. In the meantime, I'm focusing on myself and trying to improve the things I can affect. Do I lay in bed at night before falling asleep and miss her laying next to me? Of course I do but that is out of my control and I'm willing to wager that most of our SO's from long term relationships are feeling the same way. I just feel that if it is true love and meant to be, it will all work out.


A WAY better read than any book are some of SuperDave's posts...check them out!

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Thank you for the comments. It's been 3 months since my 3 year relationship ended. We've absolutely NO CONTACT (save for him leaving me a Happy Birthday message - I had to do the same seeing as our birthdays are one day apart!).


I'm amazed that I have survived. In the beginning I never thought I would eat again or laugh again. He was someone that I thought I would know for the rest of my life. Now, 3 months later, I'm skinner, working out every day, I've reconnected with old friends, I'm taking swimming lessons and I figured out all on my own how to read my car's tire pressure ! All the obligatory immediate post-breakup rituals that one must do.


It's true what "they" say - it's all about time. Taking the time to grieve, taking the time to enjoy bottles of wine (haha), taking time for yourself. I'm a much stronger person that I was on May 7, 2008 and can only get stronger.


I have to say though that one book that really helped, particularly in maintaining NO CONTACT is "It's Called A Break Up Because It's Broken." Greg's 60 day no contact rule truly helped me. I posted a Post-It on my computer that reads "60 days" and I was amazed that 60 days had gone by and I hadn't falled apart.


At 38, it's daunting to think of starting over...but so far, it hasn't been so bad.

I'm glad I discovered this board.



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Ebooks, are a complete waste of money, i should know, i have bought many in the past, looking for answers. Not in this break up tho. This is such an amazing place, with truly amazing people. Save your money, and get advice from the heads hearts of the wise, not the wallet. Also, give advice to others, you can learn many things from your own words if you listen hard enough.


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