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Employed at last!

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Hi all just wanted to share this with those out there who are unemployed/soon to be and hope it gives some much needed cheer or at least a bit of perspective .

After 3 months of rejection...feelings of total inadequency...isolation from friends. avoidance of (curiously more frequent) 'family gatherings', dread of the 'So what do you do?' guaranteed number one question at social events..Ive landed a job.


Granted working in a call centre its not the most exciting job in the world but it feels like the weight of the world has been removed. To those of you feeling lost right now, just dont give up. Unemployment is something anyone in the world can face...dont put yourself down..be receptive..more open minded. It will not last forever. The reason im saying this is because for me at a certain point of my hiatus I generally thought it would NEVER happen. All that time at uni a complete waste...but it wont be..I am to do some freelance writing in my spare time and be safe in the knowledge im supporting myself. Im still abit wary of negative reponses from family who may think 'hmm she has a degree why work in a call centre' but thats ok because im aware this is the real world, and paying your dues sometimes requires more than a piece of paper (tho its my favorite piece Whatever the job its still working experience....and it doesnt mean you are chained there for eternity!


Good luck to everyone currently going through this xx

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haha I'm going through the SAME thing!!! I also just graduated in May and have been doing odd jobs.... so much pressure : ( and yea, I've been avoiding hanging out with people because I don't want them to ask what i do... : (


good news is, I'm applying to two jobs in about an hour!!! so hopefully I am as lucky as you are : D

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CONGRATULATION! Yes, finding a job is definitely daunting. Just remember to believe in yourself and don't ever give up! I remembered when I applied for a position with our local council and got rejected, I re-applied, and when I got rejected the second time, I rang them up to ask for reasons. And then I re-applied for the same position (but different hours) and it took me 1.5 years to land a position with them. I know, I have no shame... but moral of the story, be persistent until they give in! lol

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Finishing uni and trying to get ANY job is hard, let alone a graduate job...where I live in the UK there is very little graduate opportunities and so many graduates flooding out of uni every May.


I graduated last May (2007) it took me going back to uni to start ANOTHER new degree to finally land on my feet and get a proper decent graduate job with prospects, that I really enjoy and is what i wanted (lecturing in motorsports) and I began that job on 1st May this year...nearly a year exactly to the day i finished my first degree...


congrats on getting a job limelight....onwards and upwards


And to other people fearing that they will be stuck forever without a job, just keep on trying. it is one of the most draining experiences I know (having done it myself and also with boyfriend who was going thru same thing at same time) but try and stay positive, something will come of it one day! xxx

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Thanks guys


Yeah finding any kind of job is difficult nowadays...as when you finish uni you have all these high expectations which more often than not blow up in your face!

Ive decided to work on getting my NCTJ newspaper cert as a distance learner whilst im working This is better I think than having to get a 3 grand loan to do it full time at a college.

Your right about the UK schucygirl... most ppl get out of uni here and have no idea in hell what to do! Im glad u sorted it out.

My first day of training is tomorrow! Im a bit daunted but excited about being a city chick! I dont think people should panic if they dont how what they want to do...I dont think many in there early 20's or often older know either....it'll figure itself out

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Thats the way it is here in the UK. There are not enough graduate jobs for the amount of graduates coming out of uni. So to be honest the OP is lucky to get a job in a call centre, at least its above jobs such as minimum wage waitressing, bar work and nursery nurse work.


Out of my group of friends who graduated with me in May 2007, I am the only one with a job with prospects and a decent wage ahead of me if i work hard. The others are still in basic admin jobs, minimum wage bar work etc simply because there are far too many graduates here in UK. We all graduated with different degrees too, and decent ones.


Its the governments fault here. Making university more "accessible" to more people is one thing, but not making more graduate opportunities is such a huge problem.


Many of my friends (like me) wanted to be teachers. But there are not enough teacher training places (they take like 20 ppl each) and you can only apply for 3 each year. More than 400 people apply to each one, all with very similar quals and experience.


I worked for sometime after my degree as a nursery nurse on minimum wage, in rubbish conditions for 10 hours a day (no breaks) as thats how nurseries work in the UK, as I knew it was the only place I could get a job for now till i got a lucky break...it was the only place i could get some kind of job because the conidtions are rubbish and so have a very high staff turnover....not the kind of thing you want in a childrens nursery but there we go....thats the UK for you!


Complaining to college wont do anything.UK unis dont really care. They want the numbers in for the results and league tables, and then after that they are not fussed. If anyone did their homework properly this year and wanted to be a teacher they wouldnt of gone to university. They would of done an apprenticship in school, done an part time open uni degree and got in that way.


Were running out of the skilled tradesmen and women here in the UK, mechanics, plumbers things like that....becuase everyones gone to uni to do business or geology or psychology!

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