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He's not the father...


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My son is nearly 10 months old.

I split up with his father when he was only 3 months old.

I just didnt love him anymore.

I met someone else not long after and have been with him ever since.


The father of my son has him every weekend and is a great dad, the only problem is i wish he wasnt the father, i wish my current boyfriend was.


I feel jealous maybe? When his father has him for the weekend, as i wish he wasnt involved in my life at all.


My boyfriend is amazing with my son and does treat him as his own. I can see myself being with him forever.


Anyone else have these feelings? maybe in same situation?

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Your ex and you made your son together.I'm sure at the time you did love him, and if your current boyfriend was the father, your son wouldn't be who he is. Be greatful he has a great dad, and even though your current boyfriend isn't his biological father, he can still help you raise him and love him, and that is what matters. In time, you can always have another child with your current boyfriend.

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It sounds like your ex is a good dad and has a connection with his son, and that is what is most important, not whether or not you and he belong together. There's nothing wrong with your son having 2 father figures (both your boyfriend and your son's father) who love him and spend time with him. Just remember, you can have a healthy relationship with your ex because you are going to be co-parents to this child forever, and you can have a healthy romantic relationship with your boyfriend, who can also help you raise your son if you end up together for the long haul.


It's important to be able to recognize and separate those feelings, since having a relationship with his biological father will be important to your son and it sounds like he has a great father who wants to be involved, and you do seem to recognize that.

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