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Before you say "i love you"

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ok, i love my girlfriend, but im not sure if i should tell her yet (it's been almost 3 months). since i was asking myself this question, i decided it best to wait awhile. instead, however, i told her she was my best friend and i think i got the same reaction from her as if i had told her i love her. she basically started to cry and told me how much that meant to her.


so i suggest that if you are not ready to say those three special words, tell her she is your best friend, and you'll get a bigger response than you thought you would


and that is my tip for the day

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I do agree with Swingfox on that one. However, I think it all depends. Like me & my boyfriend tell each other all the time that we are each others best friend, we really are, but it has that special meaning to me. Well, I think it depends on the amount of time you have been together, like we just celebrated our 1 year last saterday. I think if you love someone, you should tell them. If its truly what you are feeling, then why not tell that person how you are feeling? Just make sure you aren't confusing your feelings of love for some thing else. Make sure you know its true. It confuses me when people don't want to tell someone they love them, like their partner will break up with them. Like I know it happens, but why does it happen?

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I have a different take on this one! I've never been good at saying those 3 words! I find it incredibly hard to say and not all that easy to believe when I hear it! I think in a lot of cases it's over-used and said way before either person in the relationship really understands what those words mean or truly feel it...


For me actions speak louder than words! How loving my boyfriend is in his actions and behaviour towards me: those cute little tokens and things he does to show he's thinking of me, always considerate and worrying about me etc...are more than enough to let me know how he feels about me!

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I agree with SmintyMinty. Too many people say I love you, to too many people, when it isn't really more than "I have a big crush on you". Love lasts because real love is also real friendship. What happens when you get old & grey. . . and one of you is in a nursing home. . . and you definitely aren't dancing cheek-to-cheek anymore?


I might have a passionate relationship with someone who said he loved me--and love him back--but I'll only spend my life with the guy who also is my best friend.


Three months is, I guess, long enough for some--but I'm a person who finds the words easy to say--and it's still not long enough for me. For me, three months isn't even long enough to have had an argument!


This sort of thing is different for everyone, but I think onix88 deserves lots of credit for thinking before speaking--and for saying something he really feels. He's also shared a great communication strategy with those of us who aren't ready for the three little words.

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I was cautious at first because I didn't want to say "ilove you" too soon. But she led and in the first week, we started.


Although if any of you have been in a relatoinship, you will know that if 100 couples say it or if 1 000 000 couples say it, it is never enough just to say I love you because those words always seem so lame and you don't want to be repetitive, but is there any other way that simple words can let them know?

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not sure if that last post was a question, and not to get off topic, but is it really in the words, or is it in the actions, or both?

the way some people say it, good morning = i love you. . . and so does sleep tight. . . and d'ya need another cuppa. . . . anyway. Just a thought from a (relative) sr. citizen

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