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I told him I liked him, and THEN....


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Maybe he wasn't sure exactly if you were serious or not. The fact that he quickly changed the subject probably means that he is embarrassed & doesnt know how to deal with it, or something. I think you should bring it up again. Say something like "the other day when I told you I liked you, I meant it".. then ask him what he thinks about that. just a thought.

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I felt pretty put out by him because of that. I tried to not worry too much. Like I said, I'd like to let that simmer with him, but I guess I shouldn't wait for him to ask me about it, because he's one of those unconfident types. I don't know how to bring it up again, but I want to tell him in person. Would it be too much, if we're just sitting and driving in the car, to say, in the dead silence, "You know that time I told you I really like you? I meant it." Or is there another way to lead into it. He likes to repeatedly ask me, "So, what else is new with you, other than --" whatever we were talking about before. He likes to talk about work and school -- safe subjects -- any ideas on how to steer it over?


But the "Aw thanks" doesn't tell me how HE feels.


Mind you, I told him I liked him in response to him telling me how chicken he is with girls. This is because he was telling me how hot this waitress at the bar was, then said, "But thats not really interesting", so I jokingly asked if he tried to pick her up....


So I still don't know what the deal with him is. Or what he thinks is the deal with me.

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you posted on here, "i took great care to hide it from him"....that should tell you something here!!!!!!!!!!


Listen, unless you're a guy who looks like Brad Pitt, or else you really just know what makes women feel attraction for you, as a guy you're pretty much not used to women coming to you. Now compile that with the fact this one is shy.........do the math!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Seems this fella won't see it until he's smacked right in the face with the truth, which by the way I think you should present to him (by telling him, asking him, wutever).


That's my two cents.



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