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What would you do with $500 to better yourself?


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I've pose this question in personal growth after I have been doing some thinking. I was considering on taking some college courses to learn more about web design and such. I have been reading many books lately, but I feel it is difficult to keep up on the latest and greatest things in technology. And it is hard to keep motivated. I like learning in a classroom setting and to socialize with people. Then I looked at approximately what the price would be for taking just two classes. It was slightly over $500. I decided to not take the classes because of the price. I realized I could do something better with that kind of money.


The other question is does anyone have a good ideas/suggestions what I should to do with $500?(And no, I wouldn't use the money on a vacation or a shopping-til-dropping epic I'd like to hear what you fellow posters would do for yourselves with $500 too.

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$500 wouldn't get very far here as far as doing something life changing goes. I'd personally spend it on therapy.


I think the question to ask yourself when you do choose something to spend is what would it contribute to your life? Taking a course could be a good idea, or you could save it/invest, or buy something that will make your life easier.

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I actually just spent $500 tonight, lol. It wasn't exactly for bettering myself though...


What sort of web design are you interested in? Just building websites, or more complicated things like web services and stuff? If you're just into websites, pick a web framework and stick with it for a few years. Latest and greatest in site building, from my experience, is more just simplifying the older stuff than it is coming out with something completely new and different. And there's always the fundamental languages that you need to know no matter what. But, that seems fairly off topic, so I'll stop talking now.

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Ummmmm.... I figured it out. I'd buy a new sweeper I think. Vacuum. That would make me happy.


I have to hand it to you for being more focused on doing something to better yourself rather than just blowing it!


But hmmm - well - clothing.. I need some more professional clothes for work and my kids need some jeans so that's probably where it'd go immediately.

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