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friend in relationship


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I have a friend who met this guy on a internet chat site about a month ago.They started talking and it seemed that they got along well.He asked her to go out camping with her.So she met him,but when they got there,he went fishing and swimming with his friends and left her all alone fishing.

Then they finally got together,he told her that he loved her and started to cry saying "Please don't hurt me".This is the first time they ever met.After they got back she told me all about him.He has no job,no car, and he takes drugs.He only calls her when he feels like it.

His ex is threatining to take away his kids and make him pay child support if she don't stop seeing her and she still loves him.He tells her to stop worrying about his ex,but she worries about her all the time.He plays games and uses her because he always broke and needs money or needs to go somewhere,but she is in love with him.

Im worried that this another bad relationship to happen.

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