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How do I let go?

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Started school again, and I told myself that I was going to be strong and confident. That didn't work. Everywhere I went in the school brought back memories of my ex and they haunted me like a ghost all day. How do I let go of the ghost?


The ghost is the memory that you've allowed your mindset to be populated with, these reverberations and ebbs of him, which would otherwise remain there if you knew how to set them aside. This is a choice that you have control over, and you must find that control, in that you have to come to terms with your losses and that you've grieved, but more importantly that you're willing to let him go.


Here's my tip; every time I (used to) get panic attacks when fears of being alone and despair set in and with the future of my life now gone and oblivious. I coped with it by acknowledging that 'the panicking' has started and that there is a problem. I step out of my circle and see myself from another perspective. It's akin to seeing your own child in immense pain, this you surely would not want to have happen to them, right? So why then must we allow ourselves to go through this much pain? Especially when we've learned to recognize the plight they are in. Think about it!


Then once I acknowledge this I am able to calm myself down, frequenting my chain of thoughts with the assurance that I'd also calm my child if they were down. I tell myself, "calm down, calm down... (breathe in deep and controlled) you have to let him/her go... calm down. Let him/her go and be free from this hurt... be free."


Believe me, everywhere I used to go reminded me of my ex. I used to love shopping for clothes with her - yeah, I know, it's odd for a chap to enjoy shopping for clothes, male or female fashion, but I loved it, that's all. Anyways, getting side tracked... back to you, er or me... The point is to learn to let go and what once was are the memories of them with fleeting moments that come and go like the dust in wind.


Stand strong and work on yourself, and try what I said too. It'll do you a world of good. Sending you lots of positive vibes!

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