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thinkin about cheating


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hi, I have really been thinking about cheating on my boyfriend. I love him but I don't see enough of him. For the past couple months I have only seen him about once or twice a month. I haven't seen him in about three weeks and i really want to be with someone.


I'm going to a bachorlarette party tonight and i'm hoping to meet a guy their.

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Do not cheat and join the ranks of heatless people that have selfish excuses why they want to cheat. If he is in love with you and can't help being away you are starting something you cannot undo. Most of the posts you will read in response to your statement will tell you this because it is true. Read many of the posts about once a cheater always a cheater/ ect and see the effect it has on ruining friendships, lives and your own health.


Out of love, don't want to continue? Have the balls to end it with him so you and he can get what you want in life and in a partner. He does not want to have to live with or forgive a cheater and you do not need the guilt, drama and shame of being, or becoming that type of person.

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