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Boyfriend not ready to move in give him time??

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I have choosen to give my boyfriend time because he's not ready for us to move in tgoether. We have been together for 3 years and im 28 and hes 27. I told him i cant wait forever i mean after a certain amount of time if a man doesnt know if hes ready by 5 years then he will never know right? So i told him he needs to think about whether he wants what i want which is too move forward in the relationship or go our separate ways. I guess time will tell if hes really ready but i told him i have to know when like a time frame of when he will think its "right" to move to the next level. I think thats fair for me to give him time considering the fact that im ready and hes not. What do you guys think? Do u think after a certain amount of time if a man isnt ready then he will never be ready?

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no i don't think that after a certain amount of time a man should be ready. it's a personal thing, when they are ready then they are ready. maybe he doesn't feel comfortable about someting, or he is afraid. try talking to him about it. i don't think that you should leave him and go separate ways if he isn't ready on time for you. i mean what if you weren't ready? if he really loved you then don't you think that he would wait for you. if that is the only thing wrong in your relationship then i think you are very lucky, a million girls would want to be in love and have the person that they love there with them and i don't think that having to wait should matter if there is really true love in it. well anyway just think about it, you love him right? and he loves you so he should consider the fact that you are ready also -k-

well pm me if you would like to talk about it im always here. bye.

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