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My ex broke up with me half a year ago after a 2 year relationship because of her depression and her feeling that she should be without a boyfriend. She soon after started dating another guy. She pretty much led me on the whole half year, including cheating on her BF with me. I recently finally decided that im pretty much over her, that i would like to be friends with her but nothing more. I also started dating another girl who makes me very happy and its working out wonderfully with her.


My ex just recently broke up with her boyfriend. It turns out it was partially because she wanted me back. Now she wont leave me alone. I keep trying to calm her down, tell her it's going to be ok. She's become suicidal (she has bi-polar and depression) and its becoming difficult for me to not panic all the time that she'll kill herself.


I really dont know what to do with her, how to help her. I try distance myself so she can get over me but then she just starts sending me messages about killing herself again. Please help

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She needs to see a doctor and get professional help .....

Some do kill themselves .......be very careful this is a dangerous situation .....

You are being held hostage in a sick way ......its not love it co-dependance .....on her part ......she does need you though .......hold her for right now but make sure and make it a FACT .....she must get help

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