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how do you even go about searching for a job and new apartment when you havent moved yet?

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well... who is we? your spouse or significant other? does he/she have a job lined up already? i need more information to help you out here.... what field do you work in? can your husband's/wife's company hire you as a spousal hire, or do they offer a service to help you look for a job? that is routine in some professions.


secondly, if your spouse already has a job, he can ask people there if they can recommend some good apartment complexes. look on craigslist for openings places, or google the name of your city and 'apartments for rent.' look online. consider staying in a hotel for the first week while you are trying to find a place to live. or, go out there early and search around.

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My daughter and her husband have had to do this twice and they take a scope out trip ahead of time and spend a weekend or more looking for a place to live. It's expensive but it beats staying in a motel with your belongings in the Uhaul truck at "Way too much a day!!"


They get the newspapers, they go online ahead of time and google for apartments or house, they spent a lot of time lining up a home, but in the end it has been worth it as they have found some nice places to live at the best possible price.

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