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I an so confused...What shoul I do??? Help

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I haven't spoken to my ex for over 2 months. I was doing better until he called me today. If you don't know my story( My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. The whole time he was with me he promised me that he will love me forever. He is very successful with his career. He makes good money and is very well respected by his company. But now he got a job offer in Miami and he is going to take it. He did not even talk to me about this. He only told me that he was going to take it even if it is hard for him to separate from me. He says that this is the hardest decision that he ever had to make but he has to go.I offered him to move with him and he agreed first but then he started hesitating about my move.)

So he called me today and said that he missed me and that he still thinks about me. He said that he still has feelings for me. But did not ask me to be his girl again. I am so hurt again? Why is he still saying things after not talking to me for 2 months. What does this mean? It is killing me when he says he misses me. I never thought I would talk to him again. What should I do?

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I'm so sorry you had to go through this... fricken hell, the anguish and pain after all that work he sprouts from the roots to surprise you like this. All those small steps you've taken have now been pushed back ten paces a day for everyday of the last two months.


You'd best not call him or contact him anymore... but you've already been through that for two months. Long distance relationships seldom workout unless one decides to go with the other. But herein lies the dilemma, you cannot just go and see him to express your love and devotion as that would put him off big time, and if you don't someone else will come between the two of you.


However, you know him best, and it did sound like he was juggling the idea of being with you again, although briefly, and then convinced himself out of it... So all in all, you should do what your mind tells you. When or if you decide to go, after careful consideration and all, be fully prepared for the worse though. And if it turns out anything but that you can try and enjoy your visit in Miami, but if it works then you'll be pleasantly surprised.


My ex is out of state, and previously I could have flown there showing her my love, but I've decided not to after weeks of mulling on it. She's not worth my love...


I do feel for the hurt you're going through... Sending you lots of love.

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