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A break out of nowhere?


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My boyfriend and I will have been dating 3 and a half years in September. Yes we've had our troubles and those "fake" this is too hard break ups. And he has once asked for a break over a year ago because he said he wasn't happy but came back after a week. We have been living together for the past 2 months for the summer and everything was great!


All throughout the years he is the one who talks about our future the most and how he is going to marry me and bla bla bla. He even told me around when he was going to propose to me and he has the perfect way and everything. So two days after I left to go on vacation then to my parents house then to school (we are more sophomores in college) he TEXTS! "I think I want to take a break". Out of now where no fight or nothing! Yeah we've spent a lot of time together (not a ton because we both worked-but more than usual.) But we weren't going to see each other anyway for like 3/4 weeks because of school and what not.


So why isn't that break enough? The only explanation he would give me is that he only lives once and he wants to make sure what hes doing and he says he doesn't know we will get back together.


Of course I try NC and have not done much begging at all because I know that will scare him away more. But I am so hungry but I cannot eat and I just

don't know what to do! I hate waiting! and I just want to know if I should move on instead of wasting my time.


I know all I have to do is let him go and if he comes back then its true love bla bla bla. But I'm just still in shock and so confused as to where in the hell this came from????


So guys what do you think? (sorry it is a little long!)

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I think its the whole 'Gotta make sure before I commit' Perhaps after being commited to one person for so long hes starting to wonder what else is out there and if he is throwing away his best years by being tyed down to one person when he has the rest of his life to be tyed down. Maybe its the whole 'Is the grass greener?'


Best thing here is to make the most of the situation, go out, have fun, and let him go. Give him a REAL break, dont contact him, go out and have fun and let him go. If he comes back i'd take him back, but only if hes sure, and if he doesnt then you've had this time to work on you and your independent life.

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I agree with BlueAfterglow08. You're better off giving him a real break and giving him a chance to see what he's missing. If he comes back and he's sure about everything then by all means take him back if you wish to. And if he doesn't...well as horrible as it might sound, he's probably not worth it if he just ends your relationship like that.

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