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NC is damaging me.


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When it comes to the end of the day, is NC really helping me?

I do have great satisfaction by not contacting him... but the things I do to distract myself recently has been quite, well extreme.


Last night my sister and I went to this fun rooftop party on top of a rest/club. & there was techno music. ( He loves techno)


So by going out and trying to forget him... he sneaks his way back into my head.


So i figure that if I keep drinking, and drinking more I can forget about him.


The bad part is that it did work.


In consequence, I ended up making out with a 40year old... (haha he looked 29 or like maybe 31)


That's a 19 year difference people!! WHaT was I tHinking??? I mean I was intoxicated but not wasted!


Uhhhhhh I'm screwed if he wants to get back together with me.. I am going to be so embarrassed to tell him this!


+ through my attempt on forgetting about "my guy" I gave the guy my number and accepted a date invite. Please tell me I don't have to go!

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You got drunk, so obviously you weren't thinking straight. And you definitely do not have to go!


Try distracting yourself in positive ways. A club and drinking is probably not going to end positively for you right now. Maybe going for a walk, hanging out with friends, setting personal goals, eating healthy, watching a movie, etc.


I'm only day 5 into my NC. Not thinking about him is really hard but if you focus on yourself and the good things it will get easier. Keep up the good work on the NC.

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