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I'm in awe, but I'm not complaining


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As the summer is coming to a close and I'll be back at college in a couple of weeks, there are of course some interesting plotlines I'll delve into this year (What new people will I meet/hang out with, How will I like the new place, etc.). The most intriguing situation involves a girl I've kept in touch with this summer, as I have no idea how this built up and I have no idea what will happen next.


Late last spring, just a few weeks before finals, I met a girl at a party - she came up to a few buddies and me and made an off-the-cuff joke about a contest going on at the party. Before we left, I made sure to introduce myself, tell her the party was fun, and say good night. I didn't think anything of it, I just figured I met a cool, attractive chick who most likely had a bf. The next day, we ran into each other, and we talked for a few minutes. After we friended on Facebook (since that's the new trend and exchanged some C+F that she started, that looked to be about it. I didn't think anything of it, and looked forward to the summer.


Fast forward to last month. I get a Facebook PM from her asking for my number. I figure this is one of those "send to everybody" PM's, since I only saw her twice and we haven't even spoken in two months (and I only saw her twice). I also discovered something a little bit less surprising...she is also single. Nevertheless, I sent over my number and hoped her summer was going well. To my surprise, this ended up being the start of quite an ongoing chat (and yes, I got her #, even though I haven't felt a real need to call yet). We began to keep in touch, talking about our summers, what we were up to, and we both were looking forward to school starting again soon. I made sure to keep things light with a few witty remarks too.


With just a couple weeks to go until school, she apparently "can't wait to see [me]" and when I suggested we hang out once we're both at school, she replied, "He11 yes we should! I can't wait for everyone to get back and to chill w/ you!!!"


This almost seems too good to be true - we ran into each other twice by chance last spring, and now she's really excited to see me. I have to ask...is she just being nice for whatever reason, or does she really mean it? I'm thinking my gameplan should be that when I settle in (moving in and all), I ask what she's up to and if she wants to hang out...chances are we'd be with friends since everyone will be moving in...and if that goes pretty well once or twice, then I begin to suggest we go on some sort of date. The main concern I have is that girls that have rejected me in the past do not talk to me much afterwards, even though we got along well before and even after a signifigant amount of time has passed by. I do not want that to happen here.

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As usual, I'd appreciate any help. I'm not so good in the "determining women's signals" department, as sometimes I'll take a girl's friendly gestures as a sign that I should ask her out and wind up getting rejected. I'm not really sure what this situation will bring.

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there is no way for sure to keep her around after making a move and she declines.


I know that, it's just something I'd prefer not to encounter.


The bigger question I have is the bolded on from the first post. I figure I'll have to wait until I see her in school, but I can't fully tell if she's just being nice, or if she really does want me to hang out with her (because of course I've only seen her twice).

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