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So my ex broke up with me about 6 months ago after we dated for 2 1/2 years. we go to the same college. she was my first serious relationship. i loved and love her so much. shes an amazing girl. but towards the end of our relationship she cheated on me, treated my badly in the break-up, led me on that she was coming back, walked all over me. i stayed around. then she decided to come back to me and tells me she wants me back. i tell her not right now bc i needed to heal and enjoy myself and my life w/o her. she apologized for what she did and she said she wants to work on things and change for me and for us to work. we are so compatible.


so this summer, i got very VERY close with a previous ex accidentally. completely blind sided me. started off friends but it got serious. we are seeing each other right now and talking about getting back together and starting a long distance relationship (she goes to school in NC, i go to school in VA). shes a very cool girl, we have been seeing each other for about 2 months now. taking it very slow since we both got out of serious relationships. shes amazing as well and we too are both very compatible in a different way then my 2 yr ex.


my ex who i dated for 2+ years, found out that i have been having a sexual relationship with this previous ex. broke her heart, balled her eyes out to me. tells me she misses me and really wants us to work out. and she still wants to be w. me after she finds all this out


MY PROBLEM : the girl that im currently seeing wants an answer of what we are before she goes back. i dont know if im ready to commit to anything especially something long distance since ive never been in one. second, i cant help but think of my ex. i know i need to let her go and move on, expierence other people, ect. i have gotten over her mostly. but watching her pour her heart out to me, crying, ect, really hit me hard. every now and then, waves of remorse and missing her hit me. shes an amazing girl. its like my heart is in two different places.


if i think something might still be there with my ex who i dated for 2+ years, should i tell the current girl bye even tho she treated me like * * * * towards the end? should i start the long distance relationship and give it a shot? i like both girls a lot. i love my 2yr ex and i have a strong attraction/liking for this current girl im dating.


im scared. i dont wanna lose the 2yr ex and wonder what things could have been. i put so much time and effort into this relationship. i miss her..


then i dont want to wonder what could have been w/ this other girl. when im with her i forget about my 2yr ex like it was nothing. i would be willing to give a long distance relationship a shot. but if my 2yr ex finds that im dating this girl, ill lose her for good. and im not sure if i want that.. i dont want my 2yr ex to leave for good and i cant have that on my heart.


what do i do?


"Wish you the best

And I wish you nothing less

Than every thing you've ever dreamed of

And I hope that you find love along the way

But most of all

I wish you'd stay"

--Brad Paisley aka how im feeling about my 2yr ex.


someone please help..

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