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how to express myself?


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i don't really know where else to put this, as i am confused right now.


have you ever felt you can't express yourself? that is how i feel with a certain person in my life right now. we became friends but i liked her and i guess she picked up on that and said that though she likes me this isn't the right time.. but she still wanted to spend all this time together and i agreed. right now she wants to see me one more time before we both leave for school. i said maybe because, well i want to, but i also don't know if i can handle it. i also feel like i've been lying to her because i have these feelings for her that i don't admit to. so on the one hand i do want to visit her and say goodbye but i feel like i'll want to tell her how i feel. but i don't want to ruin our relationship that we have right now, but i do want to be honest. i don't want this to matter or to make it a bigger deal than it has to be but, it's how i feel and i don't know how to deal with it.


if anyone has any advice that would be great, because i think i've confused even myself at this point.

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