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Hi she is out of town so some questions


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Well ok, so short version, meet this girl a week ago at a party at my house. We hit it off big time. Then I called her the next day which was awesome talk, then she went on a fishing trip, then when she came back she spoke with me on msn,


We spoke for about 3 hours it was awesome, about everything, family, dreams, hobbies and more. We laught so hard as well. Then we where suppose to meet the next day, but she had to pack cause she went abroad to stay with some family for a week.


She comes yesterday on msn and with in 10 seks of logging on she start chating to me. we talk for a bit. The first thing she says is sorry I couldnt make meet you just crasy busy with packing and work. She mentiones the date that we are going to go on.


Now my question is this. She is abroad for 6 more days. do I just play it cool no contact. Or do I send her a text in a couple of days say something chilled for example, "hi, great weather here, hope your enjoying your vacation......" or wait til she gets on msn and then mabey say hi.


I have called her once she has started msn chats 4 times with me. So I think she is interested, I just dont want her to forget me or lose intrest in going out with me while she is away.


What you think while she is away, stay cool no contact? Or give her one small text or wait til she signs on msn which is unsure when or if I will be there?

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how? Text or msn if she signes on which is on sure, phone call mabey?


Im thinking a light easy funny text.


Whats your take on this?


Yeah, Text - like you said maybe she won't be on or near a computer for MSN. Light and easy is the way for sure.


There's nothing wrong with appearing interested. You just don't want to appear clingy.

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Agreed- send her a text. I was in a similar situation in that I went on a few dates with a guy then went away for 2 weeks. The dates went really well but he never contacted me first once when I was away. I contacted him twice over the 2 weeks by text (he is a professional sportsman, I asked if his team won) but he didn't bother initiating contact himself. I didn't bother after that! When I got back he told me 'I didn't want to bother you on vacation' but to me it just made me feel like he didn't want to bother at all.


Definitely text her just to see how her vacation is going maybe once in the middle. Then go from there. I think she'll be pleased to hear from you.

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So didnt need to text her, she came on msn, I spoke with her for like an 1 hour and 15 min. It was really funny, little flirty and just good allaround. then after 1 hour and 15 min, it was getting late and I didnt want to endid in some meaning less chat. So I told her I had to take a confrence call.


It was great she offered to buy me candy(cause I lived in that country and told her I missed the candy there). She also told me I was a total sweetheart and we where laughing alot. Talked about family, she is traveling with her grand parents and visiting family.


So I think it went well. What you think?

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