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Does it make sense?


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I`m doing some writing for my contextual studies class at uni. I was meant to write something thats on my mind and surroundings while writing the piece.


Could you please read it and see if it makes any sense. Feel free to change some parts. Thanks!


Here I am sat quietly in the living room trying to write some thoughts on paper. Inside a quiet room and all I can hear are those kids playing outside the house, they remind me how it when I was young and when life was so simple. I always thought this room was the quietest room in the house, it is very peaceful but now I know I’m wrong because my heart is making a sound like it has never done before, and I feel like my thoughts were part of a puzzle like if I was meant to make sense of them. Why can`t I stop thinking about her? I keep asking myself the very same question all the time but cannot figure out the answer yet. Am I a mad man for doing so? I don’t know all I know is that I feel this funny feeling when she wonders in my mind like the bubbles in a glass of champagne. I`m kidding myself to think that I can stop thinking about her! No I can`t do that because if I do I won’t be normal, we normally get told exactly what normal is and normal is what is needed to be acceptable nowadays, it is what makes you fit in society, but I can’t stand it anymore, but I know people won’t like that at all. You need to do exactly what others want you to do, like a new world order but don’t worry if they own your mind, you won’t be aware of it but they definitively will!




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