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About a girl in my class (Long story)

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Hi, I'm new here...


I was talking to this girl I met in one of my classes a week ago (we had been flirting for quite a while). The first time we talked I got the feeling that she liked me, she was playing with her hair, smiling, and asking questions too. I got the feeling that she was plesantly surprised that I came up to her and talked to her. Then just before I left her she started crying, I think it's because I gave her the notes that she missed the week before. We eventually said bye and went our separate ways. The second time I went up to her in class during our break, and she had missed some other notes, so gave her some other notes she missed, I just wanted to be consistent, and be a nice guy. So then, we were talking again, and it was really lively, she asked questions, and told me things about herself. We talked about school, and what we do for fun. I even told her how much I like her hair, she smiled and then said "thank you." We kept talking, but the only problem is that most of the time she was doodling on a piece of paper. I know she was listening to me, otherwise we wouldn't have had a conversation. Also, she looked up at me whenever I was answering her Questions, or whenever I said something she liked...she smiled at me.

Another day, I walked into class, and she came in with some guy from our discussion group, and they sat together, shared a bag of chips, and he made a few jokes. I'm pretty sure they're not going out...and I've only just seen them talking twice. I can tell that he likes her, I mean he was leaning over from his seat almost into her face...and I think she was uncomfortable, who wouldn't be in that situation? I was a few rows behind them so I saw her looking at me from the corner of her eye. She probably knew that I would get agitated or something. Where should I go with her from here, I don't wanna make it seem that I was upset either... Does she seem to be genuinely interested in me?

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I'm guessing were around the same age (I'm 17 that is) and well the way I see it the girl probaly does like you. She probaly was friends with that other guy and was probaly just trying to make you jealous. I know a few girls who like to play with guys that like, in that way. I would say you have a pretty good chance of her saying yes if you ask her out. If you don't feel safe asking her out yet, invite her to go out with you and your friends. If its all guys trying inviting another girl so she won't be the only girl. Well good luck, hope i help.


Cya'll Later.

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The key has always been body language for me regarding whether a girl likes you or not. You have definetly taken note of this. Any kind of suggestive body language is there for a reason, and you should take note of it.


For example (and this really happnened today, ironic!) I have been interested in a girl at my university for quite some time, but i have never seen hard evidence in terms of body language that she likes me 'lately'- until today, where she came in, looked at me for a second or two and sat on the other side of the room with her back to me. My attraction obviously had me watching her, and then literally 30 seconds later, she hesitently turned a full 180 degrees to give a quick glance through the crowd between us and check on me. Thats all i need, to know what she is thinking, and tomorrow i am going to be on the case, so watch this space!


I was a few rows behind them so I saw her looking at me from the corner of her eye.


She was giving flirting signals when you first talked, and she continues to talk to you, even though the signs have calmed down a bit. Mate i think the you should go for her before she stops giving any signs at all! There is definite interest if she was looking from the corner of her eye, and you have to jump on it. Swingfox has already got to the point im getting to- ask to meet her this friday night, or hang out after school or something.


Its yours for the taking, don't ever doubt what you think, because seeing is believing so go for it now!

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