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and that's not awkward?


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So some of you guys may have read my first post ever here yesterday, if so you know my story.. if not let me catch you up..



- Boy (me) gets introduced to girl (lets call her... Laura) online by a mutual friend he knew in HS

- Boy and girl start talking on phone every night for almost a year

- Boy and girl think that boy should come half way accross the country to see her.

- Boy gets there and the girl decides she feels "awkward and shy" around boy and that now she doesn't know if she even wants to be his friend after the vacation is over.



So here's where it gets even more strange and confusing... So despite her feelings, she is trying to swallow her pride and make my vacation enjoyable for me. So last night she picks me up and we hang out for a little bit, and everything is going cool.. not awkward at all....


Then we go to pick up one of her best friends (lets call her... Michelle) to go to dinner and shopping with us..


her friend is great and we really hit it off and enjoy talking.


This morning.. The girl I originally came to see texted me asking what I thought about her friend, and saying her friend really liked me. Basically kind of hinting that I should make a move...


That's what's boggling my mind this morning.... I mean sure her friend is someone i'd normally date back home. But now it's becoming confusing. In less then like 6 hours Laura has gone from saying she basically never wants to see or be my friend after my vacation is over... to trying and hook me up with one of her best friends, which would kinda like.... keep me in her life?


Plus then it would be weird cause i'm not over Laura yet.. and what if I did start dating Michelle.. then I would continue to see Laura (since they are best friends) and probably do things with her.. (somethings where she's with other guys) and that could be weird...


What do you all think?


If your crush wanted to hook you up with one of her friends, (who is normally someone you would date in any other circumstance), would you do it.. knowing that there's a chance that your never gonna be completely over her best friend?

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That is very strange to me.


You talked to this girl almost every night for a year, come halfway accross the country to see her.... and now she is trying to hook you up with someone else?


This smells fishy to me.


Even if she truly is trying to pawn you off on a friend and it isn't just a test... I wouldn't go for it. You obviously have feelings for this girl and feel conflicted about this, not to mention it would also be a long distance thing with someone you just met, versus someone you'd been getting to know for year?


In your shoes, I would probably tell her, "I thought your friend was nice, but I think you are nice too, and that is why I came to visit you." And really try not to push things either way.

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