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His race is today....


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His race is today...

I have been NC since the 12th...

Should I call him and wish him luck?


I know he can't make outgoing phone calls right now because he went over on his minutes from talking to people in Brazil, but he can receive phonecalls... I've personally witnessed what it does when you try to make an outgoing phone call, so I know he can't contact me.


However, he has been on facebook so he has had a chance to contact me from there and hasn't.



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There is no reason. Not even his birthday.


Why are you so adamant against it?


It isn't as though she wants to contact him for the sake of getting back together.


I think a quick message or text wishing him well for the race is NOT a bad thing, PROVIDED that is all you want and that you don't sit there hoping he texts, calls or writes back.


good luck.

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The problem ren is that from the post it sounds a lot like the OP is doing this with the expectation that her ex will say something in return. As civilservant has quite rightly said this can set her back miles. It's like pouring salt on an open wound, and don't forget that the break-up is very fresh.


Few of us, if any, ever come out freshly as dumpees and contact our exes without expecting or hoping for a reply in return. And even if he does reply, it doesn't mean he wants to get back together either, but it may give the OP false hope.


zenbabyk - if your ex wants to contact you he will. Sit on your hands if you have to but for NC to work well you need to be strong. Good luck!

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