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Why does he want to keep things casual?


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Hi liz,

6 months does seem quite a long time to be seeing someone but not refer to them as your girlfriend/boyfriend. Are either of you seeing anyone else? If so, that may be why he won't call it a relationship. Alternatively, has he had a bad experience in the past with too much commitment which is making him hesitant?

No matter what the situation it is a very bad idea to have sex with him to try and make him your boyfriend. It is unlikely that sleeping together will change everything and it could end up with you being hurt. Especially if you aren't ready for sex.

Good Luck


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I can smell commitment problems a mile away.


Okay, so I can't form a great opinion without all the details but...


Before you try sex (as I'm sure it will probably be inevitable anyway), go out in public and introduce him as your "boyfriend." See how he reacts, gauge the reaction. If he freaks, sit him down privately and ask him where you're going. If he starts introducing you as the "girlfriend," well... I dunno. Only you can really judge where you're at.

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