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Well, its been around 3 months since I came out of my 7 year relationship and I think I have finally healed.


I didn't think I could fall for someone else again in the near future and it was worrying me that if I met someone I liked then I might have problems connecting with them.


Well on Friday that changed, I met a girl through an online dating site for a few drinks and we totally hit off. I have never felt a stronger instant attraction to anyone, so much so we spent the night together(no sex) and then most of the next day in each others company.


She is coming through to stay with me on Wednesday night and I am going to take it from there. I will be on my guard though and am going to take things real slow.

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Thanks guys, your sentiments are really appreciated


Whatever happens with this girl and even if it does not work out it shows me that there is life after the ex.


I REALLY like this girl but I am going to play it extremely cool. I am off on holiday soon, so the 10 days I am away will make or break the situation.


Taking it slow and coolness is the key I reckon.




I think I should still meet girl number 2 as I need to know that my feelings for girl 1 are not desperation or rebound. Its only for a coffee so no expectations.

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The ex and I have re-established communication, 3 months to the day.


She is moving away next week and has asked if I wanted some furniture, I do, so will need to go and pick it up.


We also discussed how I can see that the split is for the best and that we both care for each other and wish each other well. We will stay in contact via email.


I have no ill-feeling towards her and am glad that I can see her before she leaves, I know it will be strange and possibly hard but I am now strong enough to face my demons.


To be honest my mind had been occupied by this girl I met last Friday.



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Thoughts? Focus on the future. Look back by all means but do not stare.


Nice advice, I shall quickly say my goodbye's and then get the hell out of there.


Even if it does not work out for her, I can't and won't be there to pick up the pieces.


I wish her well, I care about her, I am not in love with her though.


I have had a brief taste of the future and I realise that there is someone out there who will bring more happiness to me than her.


I don't know who that person is yet, but in time I will find them.

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