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I have been dating this girl for 2 months. I like her and everything but feel something is missing, what I do not know. We do stuff together, but I am not dieing to see her everyday, is this bad. Romantically I don't think there is much there , again I do not know why. I am 30 and shes 22, in back of my mind I am thinking I do not want get dumped or on some terms like that.


I guess because shes only 22 and at 22 I did not know what I wanted out of life and girls too. Again I alwyas enjoy being around her and everything but for me I do not feel like I am giving 100% in this thing and I do not know why.


Amy thoughts or opinions

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Not meant as an insult but there is something wrong with you, im guessing 9/10 you have had some sort of brain injury/mental blow to your mind, because the way how you write is very particular, am i right?


Relationship whise , i don't think you have made a good move either. If you want to be with someone you truelly need to love them, if you don't care for her then there is no meaning to your relationship. So yes it is bad.

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