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I hate myself, the world and most of all life


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I hate myself because I have epilespy and I hate it. I hate the world cause it's evil. knife stabbing,murders and other stuff on the news that makes me cry. In the end I stopped listening to it. I just can't bear it.Most of all I hate life. It has no interest for me. I am not suicidal even though it has crossed my mind. It was a thought I wouldn't do it. I hate life so much that there is no words to put into it. I have lost my usual hobbies though I have some left. I hate life! I wish to sleep forever.

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Please don't say that.


I know how awful it may seem to have any illness but please do not give up. I am having a hysterectomy at the beginning of next month. I know it's not the same as Epilepsy but I know somewhat how you feel. I am 36 and it will be the final challenge without children. I do know a bit about your illness as my parents had a friend who suffered from this. know it is a tough to deal with.


I also realise life is tough and that some of the people in it can be so awful it bears not to think about.


I am rushing with this post because I want you to realise your not alone.







Tina x

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I had a seizure disorder, too. I've grown out of it but it will most likely resurface once I get older. They're very scary.


Are you on medication? What kind, if you don't mind me asking?


I refuse to watch the news because of all the horrible things on it. You know what, though? The news reports on a VERY small amount of what actually goes on in this world and they look for the most shocking, scary, attention-grabbing stories they can find. Good things happen, too, every single day. Don't forget that.


Maybe it's time for new hobbies? Are you at a time in your life with a lot of changes? Maybe you need to find new interests and things to focus your time on.


Life is what you make out of it, hun.

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Please keep in mind that the most of the things you see on the news are bad because because that's what sells. There are some really good things that go on in the world, too!


What type of people and things are you surrounded with? Maybe you need a change of scenery? Are you feeling stuck, stagnant?


Are you getting any kind of treatment for your epilepsy?


I'm really sorry you're feeling so down about things, it's not a fun place to be. I hope things get better for you

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I totally feel for you. Sometimes you have to fight for the sunshine to come in, but it's such a worthy fight.

Here's some ideas that maybe you might consider...

1. Keep enjoying the things that you are enjoying. Focus on the good that is going on in your life.

2. If the news is bothering you right now, look away. You need good news in your life right now, and unfortunately the media uses all the evil in the world for entertainment.

3. Know that there is no question that you are a person worth loving. Start learning what is so lovable about yourself, because I am sure there is a lot.

4. What you are seeing right now in all it's ugliness will pass, and don't get hypnotized by it because it will stick around longer. The good thing about it is that this will make you a stronger more compassionate person.

6. Be patient as you can be with yourself.

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The thing about the news is that it gathers all the bad stuff that happens in the world, and then pushes it thru a small channel thru the t.v right into your face.


The world isn't that bad, look at your neighbourhood, there isn't a disaster taking place there every day, no hurricane,tornado,earthquake,vulcano eruption,plane coming down all at the same time right?


So its exaggerated. In life you can either see the glas half empty or half ful, if you choose to see it half full things will look a little brighter, if you do activities that are fun and bring joy to the world, then you can make the world a little better, and that way you can smile a little more =)

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