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Migraine Meds

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I've had migraines since I was about 15 years old. I have been through a few different meds over the years. I had been taking Midrin which worked rather well for me. Problem is now, it is not being manufactured anymore and I need to find something that works just as well.


Anyone here ever take Midrin? Have you found a replacement yet?


I did take the Imitrex a few times but honestly hated it.

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I took Imitrex for a while, but ironically it was my Prozac that eventually worked for my migraines. Hope you find something.



Well if the crazy ex drives me any crazier, then Prozac it just might be.



Smoke Pot it cures all. J/k lol


Even glaucoma.....LOL (sorry, I remembered the scene from Rush Hour)

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I've had great results with Zomig. Don't need it all that often, but when I do it works great.


Yup!! Or "magic candy" as my friend call 'em.


Rare that I need em anymore, but as soon as it starts to hit, take one of these and turn off the lights, lay down with a cold compress and have a nap.


Works for me but we all know how 'special' migraines are.

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