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When it stops hurting...

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Anyone ever find yourself fighting to NOT get over someone? Thats what you should WANT right?


6 months ago, looking at old letters/pictures killed me, thinking of him, hurt so much. But now, it hurts so much less. And I feel like Im betraying him, like Im breaking the promise that I would always love him, unconditionally. Im not saying I dont love him anymore, obviously, a piece of him will always be in my heart.


But why do I feel guilty for reading a letter and not feeling what I felt before? Im happy that Im finally letting go, but... I guess theres just another part thats trying to hang on for some reason.


In case anyone is wondering, the reason I dont feel as much pain anymore, is because I finally ACCEPTED that us breaking up was the right thing. There were problems, and they werent getting fixed. So now I honestly believe that the breakup was necessary, and thats why I think it hurts less.

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What's the use beating a dead horse? It'll remain dead no matter how many times you beat it. You haven't broken your promise , you will remain to love him for the rest of your life and thats perfectly fine. On the same hand you also understand that your relationship has come to a dead end road. And the only thing you can do is turn your car around and head back to the main highway of life.


Give yourself another chance at life hon, when things end bad in a relationship many people lock themselves up in a closet so to speak, and cry over things that went wrong in their lives.


Don't wait in life for a wake up call, make the most of it, because you might not get a second chance.


If you are in a rut and stuck with your life, you need to give it a swing in a new and positive direction by carving a new path with your own power.


Do not expect leperchauns to appear and solve your issues, do not wait, be the dictator of your own life and take the situation in your own hands.


There are only three directions in life, down where death lies, stay where you are and go in circles, or up where an improved life lies ahead, the first 2 are worthless and lead to nowhere, this is important because it means you can set the course of your life, to the only direction that is valuable ,namely upwards towards into progress. It doesn't matter from there on wether you win or lose in life, you simply keep on following the positive course, that way you can ALWAYS be confident no matter what happens, because you know that going for gold in your life is the only right way to live.


If change was just a thought, then anyone could do it. But reality is that you can't just sit around feeling miserable for yourself and the situation you are in while being punched in the face by the reality of life. Those thoughts of change, can't become real if you just sit around feeling sorry for yourself, if you want to change then why would you stay in a state of paralyzation? If that happens it means you do not want to change, you are simply waiting for the world and people to change around you as you see fit, thereforee


Without walking, there's no way to move forward, you'll just end up waiting.


it really doesn't matter how * * * * ing smart you are if you aren't willing to work you ass off your still a loser.


Don't sit and wait, put yourself in the game called life. If you don't take the chance ,you'll put your life on a halt ,which is worse then being dead.


Life is too long to hold onto grudges. Set yourself free by giving yourself another chance at life.

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You're wishing that love still existed and it's completely normal. I have a stack of beautiful love letters from my ex that make me want to not be healing from our break-up. But take the guilty feeling as only a sign of what you had. Surely what you had was wonderful while it was there but as you've already accepted, it reached a point where it was no longer right. It has simply come and gone and that will be a hard thing to fully accept for a while. But you're fully on the right road, keep up the hard work and everything will be just fine.

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Don't worry, you're not alone in this. I remember the first heart break I had when I was eighteen. After time, the pain started to subside, and that terrified me, because the pain had literally destroyed me and remained with me for a LONG time, I couldn't IMAGINE not being in pain and not loving this person obsessively. I was afraid to be over him. To this day, I still remember feeling like that. So you're definitely not alone in this.

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Fairytale fox,


I think i went through a similar feeling just a few weeks ago. I started to realise that after 6 long months, i'm finally getting over my split with my ex, i was the dumpee, and in a way i felt guilty for that. How messed up is that?? I felt slightly concerned that it meant i don't love her anymore. I soon realised that i still love her very, very much but i was and still am just going through another part of the process. Acceptance. And it's been a very, very long time coming. I't still gets me down, makes me sad, and i still wish it had never happened, but the difference is i'm coming to terms with it and so are you. No more, no less. Just coming to terms with it.


I know what you're saying though, in a way you don't want to get over them as the love you feel for them is the only part of the relationship you have left.

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