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Girl says YES to a date but means NO?


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Hi. I am so sad and confused as what to do now.

After school on friday I asked this girl I like a lot to the movies and she said YES (no certain date set, I just told her I'd call her later and at that time we would plan something). So today I called her and to ask what day would work and she told me she had better not plan anything at this time because she alreadly has a boyfriend. Then why did she say yes on friday?!?!?! (by the way we do flurt a bunch in pe)


My question is what should I do now and when can I try again? Im dying to date her, please help.

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Some girls are just natural flirters. Even if they have a boyfriend, they still flirt with other guys. I can't really say why she said yes to you in the first place. There could be many reasons. Maybe she likes you, maybe she thought you were only asking her out as a friend at first. Just because she has a bf doesn't mean that you can't still be friends with her. Ask her to see a movie just as friends. Right now its going to be hard to date her because she does have a boyfriend, but just get to know her & become good friends with her.

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Dating her is not an option. Girls are a confusing bunch. Let it ride and see what the future brings. YOu asked her out and expressed interest in her and by her accepting she showed interest in you. But she felt guilty and did not want to lead you on so she backed out. You just need to continue your present course and drop all expectations about dating her. She may or may not want a relationship with you in the future.


Good Luck and Best wishes

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Some women just like to get attention from guys so they will say "yes" initially but FLAKE on you when the time comes. Fact is women are just as bad as men on the dating seen these days...Live and learn is probably the best advice.


As for what to do about her? Nothing, just let it go. When you see her just talk to her as normal....don't ask why she flaked on you....just move on to the next one unless or until she expresses more interest in you (ie. she takes the next step).


Good luck.



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you could always try to become better friends with her. that will give you a better chance at getting anywhere with her. right now shes off limits for dating, but that doesn't mean that she will be forever. just become good friends with her, you can still go to movies & hang out as friends. one day she might fall for you after she gets to know you better. you never know.

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