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Hi! So, just to sum up what I've already stated in other posts, I haven't spoken to my ex-girlfriend in almost two weeks because she was being pretty mean to me and I thought I should try to just move on with my life. Then on Thursday, she e-mailed me. She seemed pretty sad and that she wanted to talk to me. She told me that she didn't want to get back together though.


So on Friday morning, I e-mailed her from work and told her that I was busy for the rest of the day and that I'd call her back when I had some time. I went through a long day of work and school and then at about ten at night, I turn on my cell phone and I see that she actually called me three times that day. I wasn't going to call her back that night, because it was kind of late, but then she calls me again. I answered it and we talked.


It was so weird. She was crying and sobbing about how much she missed me, and how she didn't know where I was or what I did anymore. She was crying so much, I couldn't even understand what she was saying half of the time. I really didn't know what to make of it. I just kept myself together and tried to calm her down. When she stopped crying, she said that she wished that she had spent more time with me over winter break. Then she even asked me if it would be okay for her to come and visit me during the day while I'm at school. That was kind of odd because a few weeks ago it seemed like she didn't even care about me at all. After that I tried to cheer her up a bit and get her laughing. Once she was in a better mood, it was pretty late, so I told her that I had to go.


Wow! I don't even know what's going on anymore. This is all so weird.



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Hey Genji05,


I read your previous post that included your ex's email and it sounds to me that she is just trying to win back your attention.


You were around for her after the break up and she felt she had emotional control over you but when you finally cut contact (and good for you) she felt she needed you back in her life. And mind you, she doesn't want you back as a boyfriend but as someone to dote on her without the committment. That's certainly not fair on you.


You just need to tell her that you BOTH need space now. There's clearly no chance of reconciliation so you BOTH need to move on. Do this for yourself moreso than for her - you shouldn't concern yourself with her feelings anymore.


Maintain your strength!

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I think it's a bit harsh to assume outright that there is no chance for reconciliation. Ok she may have broken up with Genji and I dont know how long you you've been split up for or if she has had a relationship in between. Even if she has if two people love each other and who is to say she doesn't!!


The fact that she rang you in such a dramatic way is possibly fueled by the absolute fear and regret. So play it very very very slow, dont give away too much, but lets not decide that it will never work!

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