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I wanna drop a few pounds...but am too busy to start planning

meals I need to cook. I do exercise moderately but I know the

issue I have right now is food.


Are those weight watcher meals you buy at the store any good?

I am thinking of buying some to get me over the hump...

I like the fact that they are all portion controlled...so I won't be over eating.

What about Lean Cuisine? I will like to buy some for the next couple weeks

until I can begin planning my meals...


Has anyone lost weight on these?

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I'm not the expert on this however it seems these things are not a great idea. It doesn't really take a whole lot of planning and time to eat better. Also to not gain back the weight most of the things you adjust yourself to should stay. So a temporary switch to frozen diet food is really not a solution. Why don't you just talk to a dietitian and learn more about food. Or you can read. You probably just need to add more fruit/veggies to your diet and use less fat, possibly lessen the amount of bread and other carbohydrates you eat.

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hi - i'm a member of weight watchers, and i love their program. i wouldn't rely on frozen meals so much though. first off, they have a lot of sodium, typically, and can get pretty expensive. though if you are in a hurry, a lean cuisine, with a tossed salad and fat free dressing and a piece of fruit are definitely a good meal.


i also lost about 30 lbs with weight watchers, using the points system.


another option to think about is to get a slow cooker. slow cooking is super easy, just chop stuff up, turn it on, and 8 hours later, you have a home cooked meal. find some low cal slow cooker recipes, make a big batch of something (soup, chili, casserole, etc...), and freeze the portions into individual servings, and you'll have your own frozen entrees at a fraction of the cost.

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What is the point system? Where can I find it?



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weight watchers counts 'points' not calories. the number of points in a food are determined by how many calories, grams of fat and fiber are present. the formula is a bit complicated, but basically, the more calories, the more fat and less fiber, the more points. the less calories, less fat, and more fiber, the less points. for example, an egg has 2 points, a teaspoon of oil has 1 point, a banana has 2 points, a slice of cheese pizza typically has 6 points, a big mac has 13 points, and so on..... most non-starchy vegetables have 0 points, like brocolli, lettuce, carrots, etc.... thus, a system like this encourages you to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, more whole grains and lean meats, and less fats and sugars. most of the frozen lean cuisine dinners range between 4-7 points.


weight watchers has no 'off limit foods.' you get to eat a certain number of points per day. the number of points you get to eat are calculated on how tall you are, how much you weigh, if you are nursing, what kind of job you have, and how old you are. for example, i get 22 points per day. in addition, i also get 35 weekly 'free points' to use as i please each week. you can also earn points by exercising. so, as you can see.... i can eat a big mac if i like, but then my other meals need to be lower in points.


if you join the program, they explain it all to you. i'm now a life-time member. i hit my goal weight, have maintained it, and as long as i don't go 2 lbs over my goal, meetings are free for the rest of my life. before that, i was on the monthly pass program which is $40 a month.

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