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Well he said it was but i don't think i believe it. He called me. Hung up with me. Called me back an hour later. Told me that he misses me but he probably doesn't miss me like he would because he has someone else, because he hasn't hung out with me pretty much at all and because we don't talk like we used to.


He told me that he's going back to school soon, they both attend the same school, and that he thinks he should have a serious talk with her. He asked me what he should say and i said how would i know what you should tell her. We talked for an hour. He told me that he has for the most part moved on but he's not sure if he really has or if he just feels that way because he has someone there to fill that void. I told him if he wasn't just "filling a void" he wouldn't be calling me, let alone calling me as much as he does.


He told me that he knows she will break his heart. He said i always ask her, you could have anyone, why are you with me? and she says she doesn't think she could have anyone and that she likes him. I said in all honesty i feel like shes using you until the next best thing walks by. And he said you know what karma is? and i said yes and he said thats what will happen to me. I broke your heart and now i know i will get my broken too. But then he tells me everythings going great with him and her. I feel like there never going to break up, they've only been going out for a month and a half but they just look so happy.


We hung up, i told him i loved him and he said ok goodnight. I'm glad we got to talk tonight.


I'm confused. I'm not so sad, just more confused and don't know what to do now....

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There is a chain here and only YOU can break it. You have more power than you realise.


The links are:


She is making him feel lost, sad, confused, inadequate, depressed and upset.


In turn, to make him feel like he has control and status, he is making you feel lost, sad, confused, inadequate, depressed and upset.


Break the chain, go NC. Its difficult at first but you will start to feel better.


He asked you, "Do you know what Karma is?" Well, what is happening isn't karma. Karma is when the person you have wronged feels better and you feel bad. You are clearly not feeling better.


True karma is him getting his just deserts and you moving on to someone who deserves you. He doesn't deserve you and you don't deserve this treatment. The thing is, by the time true karma does happen, you won't be around to see it because you won't be in his life anymore.


Break the chain - go NC.

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The bottom line is he is telling you he is in love with someone else, and you shouldn't be holding his hand while he is breaking YOUR heart.


This may all be nonsense because he likes two women fawning over him. He's being very self centered and not thinking about how much talking about her could be hurting you.


You need to move on. The reality is he is not dating you now, and whether he will date you in future you have no clue. He could break up with this girl and move on to someone else (not you).


So start looking for someone who is available and wants to be with you. Stop being his shoulder to cry on and his ego builder.

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