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Any Road Test Tips? Please...?


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I'm a perfectionist who's afraid of failure. I can usually do things to which I set my mind. That's why this is so daunting to me.


All right? All right, here's the thing: I have my driver's permit, but not my driver's license. I'm a decent driver. I've driven before alone to a different city (whoops, illegal) and I did just fine. I drive with my mother all the time and I do well. I've driven with friends, I've driven with cousins, I had an instructor for a while who thought I was a pretty good driver.


I'm not a bad driver. I know all the rules of the road and didn't miss any on my permit test.


I'm trying to get my license before I start college in the next 3 weeks. You can take your test once a week.


I took the test twice in the fall of '07 - the first time I failed because I ran a stop sign, the second time I bumped a car parallel parking. So I left it alone for a bit.


All my friends, as one could guess, have their licenses by now.


Just took the third test a couple hours ago - guess what? I failed again. After the test, the guy was asking me all these questions and I was answering them correctly. He says, "If you know all this, why didn't you do this on the Roads Test? I know you can drive better than you just drove if you've taken the test twice already!"


I get very nervous and make the tiniest mistakes. I'm taking it again next Friday, and, god, I hope I pass. Does anyone know any tips on calming driver's test nerves?


Also, I feel horrible right now. I feel stupid. I can't do anything right and I must be mildly retarded.


My parent isn't much help; she just asked me what's wrong with me and told me I'll never get my license and she hopes my sister doesn't turn out to be as eccentric and inept as I.


I want to feel better before I hurt myself. Anyone have any tips/stories that will make me feel better?


I hate to ask favors, but I'm at a loss. Please send good energy my way. Anyone wanna pray for me? I feel like hell anyway what with my bipolar acting up and the stress of starting college and my ulcer and all this crap I need to do.


And I just want to get this one thing right....just this one thing....



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Maybe you're just nervous. When you get behind the wheel, pretend you are an 80 year old Grandma. That's what I did. Make sure both hands are on the steering wheel.


That wasn't very nice of your mother.


Exactly what mistakes do you keep making? You really need to watch your speed. Most instructors will fail you if you go over the speed limit even once.


You could be nervous, or maybe you need a little more training? I know you want to have your license before you start college, but giving someone a license before they are ready to have one can be disastrous.

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the key is to not be nervous. i know it's hard, but try not to think about the test so much before you take it, so you avoid psyching yourself out! maybe drink some tea and read a magazine or the paper while you're waiting.


you know the rules, so there's really nothing i could tell you about those. other than, when you stop for stop signs, make sure you wait three seconds (count one mississippi, two mississippi) and then go. on my roadtest i thought i made a complete stop, and the instructor claimed that i rolled right past the sign! (i did pass the test somehow.)


parallel parking... ugh that's something i still can't do. luckily i don't ever have to where i live, parking lots everywhere!

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You're not stupid, you're nervous. Just practice, practice, practice. Practice so much that you can do it in your sleep. If that means 8 hours a day behind the wheel, so be it. Prarlell parking is easy. Just pull alongside the car in front, line up perfectly. Now, back straight up until the other car's rear bumper is at the back of your front passenger door. Next, crank the steering wheel as hard as you can to the left. Backup until your front bumper clears the back bumper on the other car. Now, crank it hard to the right while you continue to back up. You are now in the parking space. Adjust your wheels as needed so you are parked straight. In L.A. you have to parellel park often in the city. I have no problem with it. Seeing as how I'm female, don't believe girls can't do this. It really is easy if you get the defeatist stuff out of your head. I am one of the best parallel parkers I know! Don't give up. Good luck!

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Go take it again ....and focus on relaxing your brain before you get there .......don't get to relaxed with the test person in the car though ........


Listen carefully and then do what they ask you to do .......


Think .......


Go take the test again ........and ace it


Good Luck

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